Laser Eye Surgery 

In our center, laser eye operations are implemented in two methods, LASIK and LASEK. In LASIK operation, a thin flap (flap) is removed from the cornea with an automatic instrument (microkeratome). The corneal tissue under the valve is reshaped by laser application. The valve is closed back to the laser-shaped corneal surface and your surgery is complete.

Lasek operation is a method of shaping the cornea after the corneal epithelium is stripped by forming a flap. Flap is also created in this method. However, the Lasek flap is created manually by applying alcohol to the corneal surface epithelium.

In laser eye surgery, the procedure and technique are determined as a result of detailed medical eye examination and tests that will be performed by our specialist physicians. In addition, patients are informed about the operational process and costs in line with the evaluations that are made.

Post-Operative Results

After in laser eye surgeries that are implemented to provide clear vision without glasses in astigmatism, myopic and hypermetropic patients, values below 0.50 are interpreted as successful and the patient does not need to wear glasses.