A cataract is a vision problem that can occur in only one eye as it can be seen in both eyes. It is most likely to occur in individuals over 40 years of age, while the most at-risk group are individuals 65 years of age or older.

Diabetes, piercing or non-piercing eye injuries, intraocular inflammation, long-term use of steroid drugs and exposure to ultraviolet rays/radiation are conditions that can lead to the formation of cataracts.

What are the symptoms of cataract?

In cataract, some situations such as double vision, blurring, night vision loss, sensitivity to light, gradually decrease in vision, difficulty in reading, fading of colours and eye degree change are frequently observed.

Cataract Surgery

The only treatment for cataract is a surgical operation. At the stage of treatment, our specialist physicians examine your eye and diagnose the disease. Then, according to the necessary tests, the extent of the problem in the eye and the patient’s suitability for the operation are determined.

In line with the technological developments in recent years, laser has been started to use for cataract surgery. The most preferred method for cataract surgery is FAKO and femtosecond lasers. In the treatment of cataract with the femtosecond laser, after the patient’s eye is numbed with an eye drop, the patient is placed under the laser device. Then an incision is made in the patient’s eye with a computer-controlled laser and the lens with cataract is torn to pieces in a process that takes 30-40 seconds. These parts are absorbed and cleaned with Fako device. Then the artificial lens is placed on the eye.